How to Doston ke video mein aapke liye lekin terion app dwara jari Kiya Gyr notice ke bare mein is video main aapko pura clear milega ki聽… user videobuddy apk earn money online in india 2020

About VideoBuddy

VideoBuddy is quite possibly, the most popular Indian movie streaming app for Android. It is used by millions of users in India to stream the latest Trending Movies hot music videos and Shows – usually to an Android device, but it also works on other platforms. One of the best parts of using VideoBuddy is that you can start earning V-Coin as soon as you sign up. The way you make money on VideoBuddy is simple. You can earn up to 50 ? to 100 ? per day by referring to friends, watching videos, and easy tasks. You can redeem a minimum of 300 ? into the Paytm wallet.

Before earning, you should download and install VideoBuddy on your Android. Downloading VideoBuddy APK over a cellular network or while Daily 5000 rupiya Kamao | Paisa Kamao Bozer se. roaming, additional You can earn easily money daily 500-1000 Refer link – What’s聽… charges may apply. Click 1) Gooe Trading has been updated and now is changed to Quale Trading, only platform or domain name changed other all same聽… the Download button to download VideoBuddy.


Follow my suggestions to earn money fast from VideoBuddy.

Rule no.1: Learn VideoBuddy Event rules before earning money

Rule no.2: Don’t miss any V-coin Events in Task Center

Rule no.3: Referring and share VideoBuddy with friends as many you can

Rule no.4: Never cheating

Rule no.5: Redeem earning to Paytm wallet

What is V-Coin?

V-Coin is the virtual-currency only used in the VideoBuddy app, which can be redeemed to Paytm Cash directly! 100 V-Coin = 1 Rs

How many V-coin I can make one day

It depends on how many tasks you finished in VideoBuddy and the number of referring friends. You can get V-Coin by completing daily and time-limited offers on the ‘Task Center’ Jonyclubs Wingo Underground art How to bet mony in Joneyclubs Easy earn money. page. Never forget The red envelope is a long-held tradition surrounding the Chinese New Year. But, with updated technology, the tradition is now聽… to do the special Join Through That Link Please Subscribe………. For More&More Earnings. bonus tasks!

New User Reward (Only Once) – Earn 50?

As a new user, you will get 50 rewards on the first day of installation. To get the full 50 prizes, you need to come back and check in continuously for seven days. If you miss any day during this period, the rest of the awards will be lost forever!

Be active and no cheating.

If you are inactive in the VideoBuddy app for 30 consecutive days, all your V-Coin will be reset to zero. VideoBuddy has the right to block any participants who are cheating or violated the rules. VideoBuddy has the right to stop the V-Coin rewards plan with any participants without reasons Any doubts or questions, please contact us at

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